TROUTMASTERS, operated by Trout Fisherman magazine, is the largest trout fishing competition of its type in the UK. Anyone catching a large trout on any registered TROUTMASTERS Water are given the opportunity to register for the competition. At the end of each month, the 3 entrants who have caught the top 3 fish at each water will receive a TROUTMASTERS cloth badge. At the end of the year, all badge holders will be able to enter the fish-off at their qualifying water to determine who will represent each water in the UK final.  

Each monthly competition runs from 21st of one month to 20th of the next month, and the competition runs from December each year.  

Dunlichity Trout Fishery is proud of its ongoing association with the TROUTMASTERS competition, and continues to be a TROUTMASTERS water for 2019.  The local Dunlichity Trout Fishery TROUTMASTERS rules are as follows:

  • Only “dispatched” fish can be entered.
  • To be eligible to enter a fish, the appropriate rate must have been paid before fishing i.e. a fish cannot be paid for retrospectively.
  • Catch must be witnessed by another angler who is prepared to sign the witness section of the entry form.
  • At the end of the session, we will weigh the fish and sign the form on behalf of the fishery (and if possible, take a photo of the fish and the angler).
  • We will check that the form is properly completed and will send the form to the organisers within the allotted timescales.
  • Competition runs from 21st of one month to 20th of the following month.
  • All entries are subject to normal Dunlichity House Trout Fishery rules.
  • Catch details will be recorded on the Bothy board and may be used for selecting “fish-off” participants if full complement is not achieved by December.